This training aims to help create responsible companies and organizations, giving the keys for its conception, development, and sustainability. For CMI, the businesses of tomorrow are based on integrity and values as well as on their capacity for innovation. 

The course is based on an adapted and unique study plan that emphasizes the experience and global development of the student, and is therefore performed in reduced groups of a maximum of 12 people.

Alumni Club membership is offered as a privilege upon completion of the course, where CMI makes available to the community of former students the best services and advantages of the institution. 

The course is aimed at entrepreneurs of any profile who want to create their own organization and develop their talents and potentials to the highest level in order to perform conscious business with a positive impact on society and nature.

  • To maximize the possibilities of success in an entrepreneurial project.
  • To know the skills necessary to understand and implement the best practices in entrepreneurship through integrity and responsibility.

The duration of this course is 6 class hours.

To request timetable and/or to receive courses in your organization, please contact us.

Price: 275 euros.

Price includes all the course materials, accrediting diploma, and membership to the CMI Alumni Club.

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