Professor Dr. Alberto Ortega Maldonado - CMI Business School

Professor Dr. Alberto Ortega Maldonado

Academic Background

  • International PhD in Psychology. Universtitat Jaume I de Castelló (2018).
  • Master in Social Psychology Interventions. Universidad de Granada (2010).
  • Postgraduate studies in Applied Positive Psychology. Universitat Jaume I de Castelló (2015).
  • Postgraduate studies in Coaching Psychology. Universidad Complutense de Madrid y Colegio Oficial de la
  • Psicología de Madrid (2019).
  • Bachelor of Psychology. Universidad de Granada (2009).
  • Areas of Interest

    • Organizational Positive Psychology
    • Healthy Organizations
    • Psychological wellbeing and performance at work.
    • Psychological capital and personal resources development.
    • Evidenced-based practice.


    Doctor Ortega-Maldonado is a researcher, teacher and consultant specialized in Positive Psychology applied to work. His research and practice focus on how to build a happy, healthy and effective workforce through positive interventions for developing personal resources, psychological wellbeing and performance at work. He does research and evidence-based training and coaching in the areas of psychological capital, personal strengths, positive coping, job crafting, gratitude, meaning-making at work, team building and work engagement. His work is focused on effective interventions that combine the development of related personal resources and training transfer strategies to ensure the sustainability of the effects. He is a member of the International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA) (Asociación Internacional de Psicología Positiva), the Spanish Society of Positive Psychology and the Ibero American Positive and Inclusive Education Network .


    Scientific and professional Publications


    • Best Doctoral Dissertation (2018). Economic and Social Committee of Valencia Region (CES-CV).
    • Best Doctoral Dissertation (2017-2018). Spanish Society of Positive Psychology (SEPP).