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Course Registration -Expert Diploma in CSR and Sustainability


Remaining amount: 1.000€.

This course is only taught in Spanish



Who is it designed for?

The course is aimed at business managers and administrators, NGOs, public administrations, professionals, entrepreneurs, students, and, in general, to people that want to develop and implement CSR strategies  in order to perform conscious negotiations with a positive impact on society and nature.

Course objectives

  • To understand what CSR is and why it is necessary.
  • To analyse the business environment from a social, economic and legal perspective.
  • To design and implement CSR policies for the core business of companies, fundations, NGOs and public administrations.


80 class hour (4 weeks).

Start date: 22 June  2020
End date:  17 July  2020


Price includes all the course materials, accrediting diploma, and membership in the CMI Alumni Club.



Means of Payment: by wire transfer and/or card. In case of payment by wire transfer remit the amount of the registration or the complete course including the registration fee indicating in the Concept of the wire transfer the abbreviated course and starting date, example: Expert Diploma in CSR and Sustainability  13 March.

* In case of place booking through payment of the registration fee, the remaining amount must be paid in full before the start of the course by card, contacting the CMI by phone, or by wire transfer to the account number 0049 3238 19 2114182213 indicating the same wire transfer Concept.