PhD. Erika López-Quesada Martín

PhD Cum Laude in Finance and Accounting, Complutense, University of Madrid. Professor on several business schools and universities. Financial and Accounting Positions at Git-Commerce, Monte Regio, Micrososft, WPP Group, SSA Global Technologies or ING Nationale Nederlanden. Research Papers & Books PhD´s, Papers & Final Projects supervision,Conference Presentations.

Academic Training

  • 2013 Ph.D Cum Laude in Finance and Accounting, Complutense, University of Madrid, Spain. Thesis: “Corporate Governance and comprehensive income”. Thesis supervisor: Carmen Norverto (Vicerectora de la UCM) y María del Mar Camacho Miñano.
  • 1995 – 2000 5 years Degree in Business Administration, Complutense, University of Madrid, Spain. Finance and Accounting Concentration.

Areas of Expertise

  • Business Consultant.
  • Manager Finance.
  • Project and Commercial Consultant.
  • Internal Auditor Consultant.
  • IT Consultant.
  • Financial and Business Analyst.

Academic Positions

  • 2018/Present. Master Professor: Unir, EAE & European School of Economics (ESE): Teaching position in English language in accounting and finance (Valuation, Derivatives, and Accounting).
  • 2010-2012. Master Professor. CEF (Centro de estudios financieros).Signature: Mercado Alternativo Bursátil (MAB) Master Professor. ISDE (Instituto Superior de Derecho y Economía). English Signature: Management accounting and Capital markets and Derecho Bursátil (BME).
  • 2015-2017. Professor and Master Coordinator Masters UCJC- ESERP. (on line).
  • 2012-2017. Professor: Universidad Camilo José Cela: Signature: Diagnóstico financiero de la empresa, Gestión de carteras, Mercados financieros, Planificación y control financiero, Gestión del capital circulante, Contabilidad de Gestión.
  • 2014. Professor. ICADE. Signature: Contabilidad financiera.
  • 2011. Teacher assistant. UCM. Signature: Financial Accounting y Contabilidad de gestión (Clara Muñoz Colomina).
  • 2009-2010. Teacher assistant. UCM. María del Mar Camacho Miñano. UCM. Signature: “Financial Accounting I and II”.

Career path

From 2016 to present she has been working as Git-Commerce SL. Madrid, Spain. Finance Business. Food Commerce and Real Estate. Also, from 2012 to nowadays as a Coordinator and Master Professor in EAE, ESE, ISDE, CEF. UCJC, ICADE and Complutense University of Madrid. International Research Papers, Books and Conferences about “Corporate Governance”. Subjects: Accounting and Finance.

She worked for 1 year at Tinamica, Cognodata, Dehesa de Calvaches as a Business Consultant in Madrid Spain as Finance Advisory and Controller.

Also, she had worked 8 years in Monte Regio Alimentación Artesanal S.A. Madrid, Spain, as Manager Finance & at Acc. Department as a Business Consultant and Finance Advisory. She worked for 2 years in MICROSOFT. (Partner: SHEBEL) as a Software Consulting Company. Project and Commercial Consultant Management (BIG ACCOUNTS) at NAVISION Program (Microsoft).
Also, 3 years in LONDON Companies: WPP Group (SOX), Global Refund ("TAX FREE"), Net2roam Limited Company ( as Internal Auditor Consultant SOX, in Finance Department, Assistant Financial Controller.

11 months at SSA Global Technologies in IT Consulting and Controller. Also, worked for 4 months in  Pepecar (Globalia Group). aa a Financial and Business Analyst And 3 years at ING Nationale Nederlanden. My role focused on advising private banking clients for their investments, I also built a team under my responsibility; as a consequence of my successful leadership, the client portfolio and the whole team were moved to the Private Banking branch: Mediolanum Bank (Fibanc).


Opinion Articles:

  • Paper Review: Review of Manuscript ID CG-05-2018-0191 for Corporate Governance Journal. Title: “Nexus Between Corporate Governance Practices and Cost of Capital in PSX Listed Firms”.2018. Review of Manuscript ID CG-07-2019-0213.R1 for Corporate Governance Journal title: “Audit Committee busyness in the context of diligence and performance in Saudi Arabia”2020.
  • Ph.D. supervision: López, J (Professor. U. Francisco de Victoria). Thesis: “Predicting Negotiation Outcomes, using a Neural Network”. UCJC. 2013-2017.
  • Final Project supervision of Master and Career: 2013-2016. UCJC.
  • External examiner. Thesis “El impacto social del terrorismo en el sector turístico” Dª. Begoña Torrente Barredo. Tribunal members: Pedro Sánchez Pérez Castejón (Spain President) and Javier Aragón. UCJC. -Abril 2013.
  • Seminars: Presentations (SEINCO).UCM Sept 2008.

Presentations and Conferences:

  • XVIII World Economy Meeting. Alcalá de Henares, 1-3 of June 2016. “Corporate governance and firm performance. Evidence from Spain: Literature review”. (López-Quesada 2016).
  • XVII Workshop Konopka. Segovia, 2 y 3 de febrero de 2012. “The relation between Corporate Governance policies, firm performance and information disclosure” (López-Quesada y Camacho 2012).
  • IV Taller de investigación ASEPUC. Cartagena, 24 y 25 de noviembre de 2011. “El impacto del gobierno corporativo en los resultados empresariales y su implicación en el modo de presentación” (López-Quesada y Camacho 2011).
  • XVI Congreso AECA. Granada, del 21 al 23 de septiembre de 2011. “Impacto de los indicadores del gobierno corporativo en los resultados empresariales, revisión de la literatura” (López-Quesada y Camacho 2011).

Research & Courses:

  • STATA (20h) (UAM) May 2012.
  • Course on Statistics and Econometrics oriented to applied research (Big Data). (100h) 2008-2009, UCM. Dto of Financial Economics and Accounting II, Coord: Daniel Santín.
  • Library course. UCM 2008-2009. "Information resources for teaching and research".

Investigation work:

  • López-Quesada, E (2018). “A Corporate Governance study: S&P 500 Listed Companies”. Lambert Academic Publishing & Editorial Académica Española. ISBN:978-620-2-15862-6. (English and Spanish Books).
  • López-Quesada, E; Camacho, M. and Idowu, S. (2017). “Corporate governance practices and comprehensive income”. Corporate governance the international journal of business in society. Emerald Publishing with ISSN: 1472-0701.
  • López-Quesada, E (2016). “Corporate governance and firm performance. Evidence from Spain: Literature review”. World Economy society. Published with ISSN: 978-84-617-5761-9. Under a UCJC Project.
  • López J. and López-Quesada (2016). “Predicting Negotiation Outcomes, using a Neural Network”.Harvard Deusto Business Research (ISSN 22546235).
  • López-Quesada and Camacho (2011). “¿Son los Códigos de Gobierno Corporativo suficientes para hacer frente a las crisis?”. Revista Partida Doble.ISSN:1133-7869.
  • López-Quesada and Camacho (2011). “¿Podría el gobierno corporativo ayudar a mejorar la crisis?”. Revista Consultorio financiero.ISSN:1888-9190. López-Quesada, E (2008). “Los índices bursátiles internacionales”. Revista Foro Esine.ISSN: 1888-5284.
  • López-Quesada, E (2008). “Los índices bursátiles internacionales de Oriente”. Revista Foro Esine.ISSN: 1888-5284.

Additional Information

  • Computing: SAP, NAVISION, Contaplus, CMS, Business Warehouse, Data Entry, Quick Books Pro 2004, SUN System V4.2.6, MNA System, BPCS, SAS, SQL, Microsoft office (Very High Level), Html and Macromedia.
  • Research Programs and Courses: STATA, SPSS, Eviews, SAS. BIG DATA variables, UCM University.
  • Languages: Spanish (Native). English (Bilingual). French (Advanced). Portuguese (Basic).