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In modern organizations the Personnel Department takes a fundamental relevance as a cornerstone to avoid obstacles and facilitate to the maximum extent the continuous personal and professional development of all its integrants.

Human Management Area is an organism of vital importance as it is the guarantor of generating and implementing policies and processes that ensure the highest levels possible of happiness and wellbeing, working so that at all times every person can work and be the motor of his or her own development.

In order to perform the best practices in human management, it is essential to understand and treat people as human beings, not as resources or capital necessary to reach economic objectives.

A conscious organization recognizes in all human beings their incalculable value. Managing people with the highest respect for what they are–true sources of love and with incommensurable innate talents–makes possible the optimization of frameworks of interrelationships, performance, and the achievement of goals.

CMI transmits this philosophy in its courses and programs, as well as offering the tools and technical and managerial knowledge that are the fruit of scientific research in this field, from a psychological and anthropological perspective that highlights the human being as the central axis of its philanthropic vision and service to society and the environment.

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