General terms and conditions


These General Terms and Conditions of Contract (from here the “GTC”) apply to all sales of Training Programs (courses, master’s degrees, lectures, coaching sessions, etc.), made through the Website

The relations between the Students and CMI are governed by these General Terms and Conditions of Contract, as well as by what is contained in the Legal Notice and the Privacy Policy of the Web.


The formalization of the Master´s Programs Contract, requiring a prior Admission process, is governed by the terms and conditions described in the “Masters” web section.

The formalization of the Contract for the rest of the Programs is regulated as follows:

The Training Programs are presented on the Web with a description that informs the Student, who must be of legal age, of the essential characteristics, such as their price, duration, teaching staff and the way in which they will be developed.

The Student selects among the Training Programs that she/he wishes to acquire.

Confirms the chosen Training Program(s) and read and accept the present GTC, the Legal Notice and the Privacy Policy, by a validation click.

The Student proceeds to pay the price through the payment gateway.

The Student receives an email confirming the purchase.

In the event that the same Training Program is the subject of an order by several Students at the same time and depending on the availability of this Training Program, it will only be sold to the first Student who confirms request. At that time, the order of the rest of the Students will be invalidated, notifying them accordingly. In case of rejection of the order, CMI will not assume any subsidiary or joint liability.


The purchase price of the Training Program is set and offered by the CMI on the Website. The prices of the Training Programs are established with VAT included.

Payment of purchases made through the website, is made by bank card or wire transfer.


CMI is obliged to provide the Training Program in accordance with the information provided in its offer, and in accordance with the provisions of the GTC, responding to any lack of compliance that exists at the time of providing the service.

The Student must inform CMI of the lack of conformity at the time he or she became aware of it. In that case, CMI will proceed to the rectification in the shortest possible time, of those non-conformities that have been duly communicated.

The Student will always have the right to the corresponding rectification, although, in no case may she/he demands a reparation prior to the news of the lack of conformity.

The lack of conformity will not give right to the withdrawal of the Contract, unless there is a serious breach by CMI.


CMI reserves the right to cancel or postpone the Training Programs in case of Force Majeure or for not completing the minimum quota of assistance required for each Training Program. In this case CMI will offer the best available options to carry out the course on other dates or will proceed to the return of all amounts paid by the Student.

The following cancellation, substitution and reimbursement policy does not apply to the Master´s Programs, which are governed by the terms and conditions described in the “Masters” web section.

After making the corresponding payment, all cancellations by the Students must be communicated by email to

If the participant sends the cancellation at least 15 days before the start date of the course, they will be entitled to 100% of the refund.

If the participant sends the cancellation with an advance of 14 to 10 days, she/he will be entitled to 100% of the registration amount through a refund of 75% and a 25% refund as a discount bonus to be used within a year.

If the participant sends the cancellation before 9 to 4 days, she/he will be entitled to 60% and 20% as a discount bonus to use within a year. The remaining 20% is applied as management expenses.

If the participant sends the cancellation with an advance of 3 days or less, her/his income will not be refundable but she/he will receive a bonus of 40% of the amount paid to use in other courses organized by CMI. The remaining 60% is applied as management expenses. This bonus will be valid for one year from the cancellation.

Substitution Policy: If the enrolled person cannot participate in the course and notifies it at least 4 days before the start of the course, said person may designate a substitute.

The person who will attend replacing the one initially registered must also complete the registration through the web.


The Student will be asked to evaluate both their experience with the website, and the result of the Training Program(s) carried out.

CMI will make available to Students the means to perform these evaluations after the completion of the same.

The assessment will be made according to different evaluation criteria and by assignment of scores by the Students.


The Web is subject to a security system: CMI has adopted the SSL encryption procedure, but it has also reinforced the set of interference and encryption procedures to protect all sensitive data linked to payment methods used by the Web as effectively as possible.


If one or several stipulations of the present GTC are considered invalid or are declared as such in application of an Act, a regulation or a final decision of a competent jurisdiction, the other stipulations shall retain all their force and full scope.


The present GTC are subject to Spanish Law. For the resolution of any controversy related to its interpretation and/or execution, the parties shall abide to the Courts and Tribunals of Madrid, renouncing any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them.