Our commitment to excellence is fundamental to the success of CMI, an Institute in continuous evolution that brings the latest advances in the responsible management of companies and organizations.

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Rafael García

CMI Founder and President

Rafael García Martín was educated in Madrid and Paris with a degree in Industrial Engineering, specialized in Industrial Organization, by the Superior Polytechnic School of Carlos III University in Madrid. He also received his International Executive MBA by IESE Business School. He is a researcher in Corporate Social Responsibility, Leadership, and Negotiation, and is currently undertaking a doctoral program in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Organization at Carlos III University.

Rafael has over 15 years of experience, most of them in the aeronautical multinational enterprise Airbus. He is a specialist in international contracts negotiation, as well as business and projects management, having held different positions of responsibility in the areas of Procurement, Commercial Department, and Programmes, working with customers, partners, and suppliers mainly in the Asia-Pacific region.

His experiences in and the understanding of the Oriental cultures were the seed of an awakening towards a personal evolution that had its fruit in the foundation of CMI.

Nilsa Mármol

CMI Co-founder

Nilsa Mármol Paulino graduated with a degree in Business Administration Summa Cum Laude at UNAPEC University, has a Master’s in Human Resources Management from EUDE, and an MBA from CEF. She is also a researcher in human management and marketing.

Due to her entrepreneurial nature, Nilsa co-founded a manufacturing company 12 years ago, which continues running and growing. She has experience in the international public sector as process consultant with the support of the Inter-American Development Bank, and over 15 years of experience in the private sector. She has been Key Accounts Manager for the last 10 years for different Spanish companies in the marketing, commercial, and protocol events sector.

Currently, she is also developing research projects in the field of responsible human management to maximize human talent development and conscious management in organizations.

Faculty and Administration

All the Institute Professors and Administration staff are deeply committed to excel in serving students and companies the most advanced training programs in responsible management of organizations for a positive economic, social and environmental impact.

CMI the first business school specialized in CSR

Entrepreneurship is an essential part of the CMI activities. The faculty works in several areas: research in the creation of new organizations, start-ups counseling, and support for the entrepreneurial projects of the Responsible MBA Programs students. With all of this, CMI presents a unique ecosystem where entrepreneurs can find all the necessary resources to maximize their opportunities for success.

All these projects share a common spirit: to create responsible start-ups.

For CMI, organization development occurs in environments that both influence and are affected in diverse ways, which involve natural, sociological, and economic components. Therefore, in order to perform truly responsible leadership, it is necessary to delve into the study of the environment with a holistic and multidisciplinary focus.

CMI researchers study phenomena from the diverse sciences that are involved and interact, transmitting the latest innovations in these fields.

Commerce and Marketing

The Commerce and Marketing teaching staff develops innovative tools to understand, deploy, and boost these disciplines to the maximum level.

Optimizing the adaptation to a global and digital market, a conscious and integrative vision is offered, encompassing all the fundamental factors in this field to achieve the much-desired positive impact in the minds of the customers and a sustainable and continuous success.

In CMI, the researchers in Finance work to achieve and transmit scientific advances in diverse fields that make eco-financial analysis and accounting more powerful and useful tools that allow people to cover and manage with a wider scope the complexities of today’s world and all the parties involved in the corporate activities, thus achieving a more accurate and holistic evaluation of the health of the organization.

The Finance faculty is composed of experts in the field with successful professional trajectories who are working to be pioneers and promoters of Responsible Finance.

CMI does research in the development of innovations in Operations Management to achieve a positive impact on society and the environment, assuring ecological and sustainable industrial and service models, taking advantage of the latest scientific-technological breakthroughs.

The CMI Operations faculty has a wide range of experiences as specialists in the forefront of this field, expanding frontiers and spreading state-of-the-art knowledge in all directions in the different sectors and business models.

Human Management

CMI leads a great change in personnel management: its evolution to Human Management, leaving behind the consideration of people as resources for the organization’s ends and recognizing the key importance of people and their corresponding, true relevance as human beings, representing a completely respectful vision based on the latest advances in neuroscience, psychology, management, and administration.



CMI Strategy Area leads new developments and theories arising from, inter alia, research in Corporate Social Responsibility and its impact on the strategic planning and development of organizations. The CMI faculty, with broad experience in this field, helps students to clearly understand the transcendence and consequences of strategic management in all aspects.


The quest for perfection and maximum quality in all that we do forms an essential part of CMI. Therefore, there is a transversal aspect to all the subjects in the curriculum. Faculty in the Quality Area focuses on all relevant issues and innovations to achieve excellence, such as management systems, administration, certification, standards, etc.

CMI works in the Corporate Social Responsibility environment to develop and disseminate its own vision regarding the Certification systems.

En un entorno como el de la Responsabilidad Social Corporativa, CMI trabaja para desarrollar y transmitir su propia visión acerca de los sistemas de Certificación.

As a new institution born in the digital era, CMI has the support of teachers who are passionate about investigating the advantages of modern society to manage information and communication systems. In the 4.0 Industry environment, social networks, and increasing digitalization in all aspects, the Digital Technology Area faculty offers training that includes the latest tools and knowledge to manage the digital systems and technologies with excellence.

Research, Development and Innovation

CMI is a research, development, and innovation institute working to go beyond the established frontiers of knowledge and develop technologies and innovations in diverse fields, such as organization management, production processes, and social innovation.

The CMI faculty is therefore composed mainly of PhDs or PhD candidates in the institute’s specialization areas.

CMI puts special emphasis on the characteristics of research, development, and innovation in the creation and management of organizations. There are two objectives in its programs: to lay the foundations to be able to manage an organization based on RDI, and for the students to acquire knowledge and skills that allow them to develop a doctorate program in the future, consequently the Responsible MBAs are also conceived as Research, Development, and Innovation Master’s, whereby a research project is included in the curriculum.