CMI’s philosophy serves as the guiding principle for all our endeavors. The following details the key aspects that inspired us to establish the pioneering business school dedicated to Corporate Social Responsibility.


CMI is driven by its mission to foster societal awakening and facilitate the creation of a new and improved world through research, development, innovation, and holistic education.

Our approach to teaching organization management is rooted in a fresh perspective that highlights the integral nature of the human being. We emphasize the responsibility of every individual towards society and nature, with the aim of addressing the challenges of our time.

CMI operates based on five key lines of action:


CMI strives to evolve into an ecosystem that creates responsible products and services throughout the entire lifecycle, from idea conception to the end of the product’s lifespan.


CMI’s future plans encompass global efforts towards achieving a harmonious society in sync with the environment through the education of conscious leaders who embody integrity and responsibility.

The vision of CMI is to establish itself as a global benchmark in teaching, consultancy, and entrepreneurship focused on the conscious management of individuals and organizations.

Our Specialization and Unique Features

Commitment to Excellence and Continuous Improvement

CMI is driven by a strong commitment to excellence and continuous improvement, ensuring the delivery of utmost quality and upholding our commitments.

One of CMI’s key objectives is to conduct an annual analysis and compilation of lessons learned, which serves as a crucial component of our ongoing progress and accomplishments.

As a knowledge-driven organization, we are dedicated to efficiently managing and organizing knowledge within a structured system, making it readily accessible for the benefit of society.