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The purpose of CMI is to contribute to the awakening of the society in order to create a new and better world through research, development, innovation, and the integral education of the human being.

We are based on a new way of teaching organization management, emphasizing the integrity of the human being, as well as the responsibility of all people with respect to society and nature in order to contribute to solving the challenges of our time.

These are the CMI’s 5 main lines of action:

To generate state-of-the-art scientific and technologic knowledge in harmony and collaboration with the sector agencies.

To offer educational products and services for excellence in the conscious management of organizations, making the most of the human talents and capacities.

Through CMI Universal Foundation, to help underprivileged people and groups, independently of their situation or origin, by offering support for their evolution and the improvement of their capacities.

To counsel and support the promotion and development of new and responsible organizations.

Offer advanced consultancy services to leaders and organizations that seek excellence in the service of society.

CMI works to grow as an ecosystem that generates responsible products and services along the whole life-span, from the conception of ideas to the end of the lifecycle.


CMI’s plans for the future are to work, at the global level, to achieve a society that is at peace and harmony with the environment through the education of conscious leaders, namely, through integrity and responsibility.

The vision of CMI is to be a benchmark at the global level in teaching, consultancy and entrepreneurship related to the conscious management of people and organizations.

Our specialty and distinguishing features

We aspire to become the European reference in conscious management.

We are a pioneer institute in research, development, and innovation in education and the responsible management of businesses and organizations.

Our faculty is composed of doctors and researchers in the avant-garde of the fields of specialization of CMI.

We love our job and transmit with passion the most evolved scientific and technological advances in the areas of management and administration, moved by the spirit of improvement and service.

We offer highest quality study plans designed to have a global reach and impact.

We are committed to the integral development of the human being.

Pursuit of perfection and continuous improvement spirit

CMI emerges with the vocation of excellence and continuous improvement, which means to offer the maximum quality and to be faithful to our commitments.

CMI has amongst its fundamental objectives the annual realization of an analysis and compilation of lessons learnt as part of its achievements made in each period.

As a knowledge organization, we are devoted to managing and organizing knowledge in a structured system so as to make it available in the best possible way for service to society.

CMI Articles of Association

Declaration of Integrity

Founding Charter