The Master´s program in Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability of the CMI Research Institute aims to position itself as a reference master in the field of CSR and Sustainability at a global level. It is offered in different modalities, a full time, part time and online. This program gathers the latest advances and the best practices to make CSR and Sustainability the true drivers of an integral growth of companies and organizations. 

CMI being a Business School focused on Corporate Social Responsibility, offers its Master´s in Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability to all those people who want to study a specialized program reference in the CSR sector thanks to the excellent CMI research faculty and the latest scientific, institutional and organizational advances at a global level.

The Master’s in CSR and Sustainability has as its central axis an integral development of the person based on values as a prime mover of the growth in harmony of the organizations.

The teaching methodology is innovative and the most specialized and advanced, using an adequate experiential combination of theory, practice, and case studies, training decision-taking and with an exhaustive follow-up of students’ learning achievements and progress through personalized tutoring and continuous satisfaction and performance reviews. The program is based on an adapted and unique study plan that emphasizes the experience and global development of the student. 

The CSR and Sustainability Programs are designed for managers and business administrators, NGOs, public administrations, professionals, entrepreneurs, students, and, in general, to people that want to evolve in responsible business and organization management and develop to the highest level their talents and potentials in order to lead consciously and achieve a positive impact on society and nature.

  • Today’s challenges need different and effective solutions to reestablish the equilibrium that society and nature demand of companies and organizations.
  • To grow as a leader, manager, and as a person, empowering professional and personal evolution.
  • To become a conscious leader and attain the skills for responsible business and organization management and administration.
  • To achieve a global perspective that allows one to find successful solutions to the complex problems leaders face at the international level.
  • To acquire the latest knowledge and technological advances of the digital era.
  • To acquire a holistic and multidisplinary vision of CSR and thus be able to apply it successfully in the different sectors of activity.
  • To maximize your employability and boost your career as a manager of organizations in the various cross-cutting areas of CSR and Sustainability: general management, management of CSR and Sustainability, Compliance, Foundations and Social Enterprises, etc.
  • To lead research, development and innovation projects on CSR and Sustainability.
  • To be part of the CMI community, which is fully engaged in your integral development and provides the highest quality services and benefits of our institution.

The CMI faculty is composed of experts in the field, with a successful international profiles and wide professional experience, PhDs, PhD candidates, and researchers in their respective fields. For more details please visit Faculty and Research.

The CSR and Sustainability Programs rely on the CMI teaching methodology, an innovative, specialized, and advanced pedagogy using an experiential combination of theory, practice, research, and case studies, training decision-taking, and with an exhaustive follow up of the student performance and development through personalized tutoring and continuous learning reviews. The programs are based on unique and adapted study plans that emphasize the experience and global development of the student.

Limited places: maximum 30 per class

The Master’s in CSR and Sustainability Programs will have the equivalent to 72 ECTS credits.

  • Places in the program will be allocated in compliance with admission process requirements.
  • The enrollment process is open throughout the year, subject to place availability.
  • The admission process is free and without commitment until place reservation is made by the admission fee payment.
  • Candidate selection will be undertaken by the Admissions Committee composed of the CMI management and the CSR and Sustainability Program team.
  • CMI will communicate by writing admission results to candidates by email.
  • Admission implies confirmed reservation and will be obtained through payment of 800 euros in concept of Tuition Fee.
  • For personalized support and further information you can use the website “Contact us” section, or by sending an email to or phoning at +34 91 172 43 58 / +34 681 36 12 27.

Documentation to be sent to

  • Curriculum vitae
  • Motivation letter
  • Graduate degree allowing for Master’s studies issued by universities worldwide
  • Academic record
  • Passport or identity card of your country

*From CMI Business School, we have made more flexible the offer of masters to non-graduates who can validate the degree with relevant professional experience meritocracy. Professional experience will be valued as a source of knowledge and skills in our admission criteria to maximize the positive impact of students and Institute.

The selection process for these candidates will consist of an interview where it will be established whether the student has sufficient experience, knowledge and skills to follow the classes at the established pace without difficulty


  • BLENDED PART TIME, BI-WEEKLY: From October  to June ; From February  to November.
  • ONLINE: rom October  to June ; From February  to November.
  • FULL TIME: From October to June; From February  to November.
  • Current rates for Academic Year 2022-2023.
FULL TIME7.630€6.488,50€800€9 payments of 758,89€ (6.830€)
BLENDED PART TIME, BI-WEEKLY5.380€4.351€800€9 payments of 508,89€ (4.580€)
ONLINE4.070€3.106,50€800€9 payments of 363,33€ (3.270€)

*5% DISCOUNT (Total payment made before start of program). Price does not include tuition. 

All the CSR and Sustainability Master´s Programs will offer additional discounts for CMI Alumni Club members. CMI Alumni Club membership is voluntary and free for having attended any CMI course or Master’s program.

Mode of payment:

Total payment can be done before the starts of the program, receiving a 5% discount, or through 10 payments:

  • First fee: Reservation through Tuition Fee within 10 days after communication of admission to the program. 
  • 9 balance payments: within the first days of each month.

CMI offers tailored financing services.

CMI also offers discounts to groups, companies and organizations. For more information about our financing services and discounts, please contact us.

CMI offers the possibility of doing interships in companies.

These internships serve to gain experience in the real labor market, and are an ideal complement for the learnings throughout the curriculum of the Master.

The duration of the internship is 150 hours, with an equivalent of 6 ECTS.

In addition, all students have the option of continuing the extracurricular internship for a maximum period of 6 months.

The internships are also available for students who complete the Master’s Project.

All internships are paid.

CMI grants through its Universal Foundation Scholarships for the CSR and Sustainability Programs in all its modalities.

Scholarships cover 50% of the price of each program and are aimed at students with excellent academic records.

A part of these scholarships are available for people coming from developing countries, or with disabilities, with the aim of promoting equal opportunities in different groups.

Applications must be sent to the Universal Foundation Scholarship Area by email to including:

  • CV.
  • Graduate degree.
  • Academic record.
  • Letter of Motivation of Scholarship Application.

To facilitate the insertion and professional development of the participants in this program, CMI has created a Responsible Job Bank, where organizations, both business and third sector, with a clear commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability offer jobs for professionals with cutting-edge training in responsible management and CSR.

For more information about CMI Masters and Scholarships, you can fill in this form to receive by email all the Responsible MBA Programs information.