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CMI offers an exclusive selection of specialized courses.

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International Responsible NegotiationEntrepreneurship15 hoursOn-line545 €
Human Management: The Evolution of Human ResourcesHuman and social management15 hoursOn-line545 €
Conscious Leadership and Management SkillsOrganizational management and governance15 hoursOn-line545 €
Guidance for Professional Career DevelopmentOrganizational management and governance9 hoursOn-line365 €
Conscious Entrepreneurship: Creation of Responsible Companies and OrganizationsEntrepreneurship6 hoursOn-line275 €
The Conscious Organization: The Evolution of Corporate Social ResponsibilityCorporate Social Responsability6 hoursOn-line275 €

Our Courses

Responsible International Negotiation

El único curso de negociación responsable internacional. Donde la integridad de las personas y la responsabilidad social corporativa toman el protagonismo. 

Human Management the Evolution of Human Resources

This training focuses on the best practices of human management, consciously applying the value-based leadership of organizations, putting the human being at center stage. 

Conscious Leadership and Managerial Skills

The course covers conscious leadership and the fundamental managerial skills necessary to manage responsibly, based on values, and being able to motivate and maximize the performance of every person, team, and organization. 

Guidance for the Professional Career Development

This course offers coaching and other techniques to be able to develop your incommensurable capacities and talents to the maximum level. 

Conscious Entrepreneurship Creation of Responsible Business and Organizations

This training aims to help create responsible companies and organizations, giving the keys for its conception, development, and sustainability. 

The Conscious Organization The Evolution of Corporate Social Responsibility

This course offers a perspective on the latest advances in corporate social responsibility in order to understand its scope, challenges, and opportunities. 

CMI is a unique institute that offers training courses specialized in diverse business and organization administration and management areas where corporate social responsibility takes center stage based on the integrity and values of the people.

In its courses, CMI implements a specialized and advanced teaching methodology that uses an experiential combination of theory, practice, and case study, training in decision-taking, and with an exhaustive follow up of the student’s performance and development through personalized tutoring and continuous learning reviews. The courses are based on unique and adapted study plans that emphasize the experience and global development of the student.

The courses are designed for managers and business administrators, NGOs, public administrations, professionals, entrepreneurs, students, and, in general, to people that want to evolve in responsible business and organization management and develop their talents and potentials to the highest level in order to lead consciously and achieve a positive impact on society and nature.

Limited places: maximum 12 students per class

  • To grow as a leader and as a person, empowering professional evolution to the maximum.
  • To promote responsible growth and synergies of business and organizations.
  • To improve managerial skills through integrity and responsibility.
  • To understand and put into practice on a day-to-day basis conscious business, with the application of the scientific rigor led by researchers and experts in the area.
  • To be part of the CMI community, which is fully engaged with your integral development and providing the highest quality services and benefits of our Institution.

CMI courses present the following advantages, based on distinctive CMI features:

  • Specialized courses with the most evolved and responsible techniques.
  • Value-based courses: integrity, responsibility, trust, collaborative spirit, respect, and other fundamental virtues.
  • International courses with a global business perspective.
  • Faculty: experts in the field, PhDs, PhD candidates, and researchers, with wide professional experience and profiles of international success.
  • Courses with an adequate combination of theory and practice, based on the experiential methodology developed by CMI.
  • Alumni Club membership is offered as a privilege for former CMI students.
  • Courses are developed both in the professional and personal contexts to achieve a positive impact on society, motivating the spirit of continuous improvement in every student.
  • flexible study plan for different profiles.
  • Personalized attention and follow-up.
  • Reserved places will be given in strict order of reception.
  • The registration process is open throughout the year, subject to place availability. Courses with places available will be published on the website.
  • Inscription process is at no cost and no commitment until place reservation is made by the first payment of 100 euros.
  • CMI will communicate by writing the result of the inscription process, confirming the course place by email immediately after first payment is received.
  • First payment implies confirmed reservation that will be obtained through payment of the 100 euros in concept of advanced payment or by full payment of the course. In case only the first payment is paid in advance, the balance payment of the full price will be made at least 15 days before the start date.
  • For personalized support you can use the website Contact Us form, send an email to, or phone at +34 91 172 43 58 / +34 681 36 12 27.

Duration, timetables, and prices vary in function of the course. This information is provided in the specific description of every course.

To request different timetables and/or to receive courses in your organization, please contact us.

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