The CMI Professors Team is composed of doctors and researchers of excellence and international success.

The excellence of our faculty is fundamental for the success of CMI and we have an enormously talented staff: researchers, consultants, and experts able to transmit their knowledge with passion and help students in all possible directions, offering top quality education, counselling, and coaching.


P.h.D Totti Könnölä

Doctor of Science in Technology and Master in Environmental Economics by Helsinki University of Technology, Finland. CEO of Insight Foresight Institute. International Advisor of OECD Countries as an expert in innovation, entrepreneurship and digitalisation to transform society towards sustainable pathways. ANECA Public and Private University Lecturer certifications. Academic Coordinator of the Responsible MBA CMI Master's Degree.

P.h.D Santiago Gutiérrez Broncano

PhD from the Universidad San Pablo CEU Madrid in the area of Business Administration. Professor of Business Organization of the Department of Business Administration in the University of Castilla-La Mancha in the Faculty of Social Sciences of Talavera. Expert in Corporate strategies and internationalization of companies, people management and high commitment practices and business development and family business management.

P.h.D Alberto Jiménez-Piernas Garcí

Doctor of European Law. University of Bologna (Italy) – Royal College of Spain. His current research focuses on CSR international standards and, particularly, European cutting-edge developments in this area, but also general issues of international relations and human rights. Academic Coordinator of the Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability CMI Master's Degree.

P.h.D Samuel Botija Loaísa

Doctor in Environmental Science by Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. With 10 years of experience in consulting, he is specialized in the management of R&D activities in multinational companies, management systems and business development. He has 6 years of experience in environmental research in the industry.

Miguel Ángel Díez

With more than 15 years of experience in Debt Restructuring and Fundraising operations in Spain and Latin America. He has participated in the main financial restructurings in Spain since 2009 (two Ibex-35 companies and several listed groups) with extensive experience in a multitude of sectors, but highlighting the Real Estate, Hospitality, Construction, Building Materials, Retail & Logistics.

P.h.D Pablo J. López Tenorio

Creator of, a website specialized in consulting services and online training in the field of Data-Driven Marketing. Previously I have developed my professional activity for more than 20 years holding positions of responsibility in Marketing Research and Analysis areas of companies such as Altadis-Imperial Tobacco and Repsol.

Carmen Martín Calvarro

Biologist by the University of Salamanca and with an Executive MBA at IE Business School, she has a solid international experience in multinationals in the Telco and technology sector, both in Business Development, Institutional Relations, Project Management, as well as in Negotiation and Positioning.

Dr. Daniel Caridad López del Río

Doctor en Ciencias Jurídicas y Económicas por la Universidad de Córdoba con la tesis “Modelos de Valoración de Riesgos”, Sobresaliente cum Laude. Tiene más de 14 años de experiencia en banca, ha trabajado en el grupo Santander y actualmente es responsable de riesgos corporativos de Garanti Bank en Global Risk Management del grupo BBVA. Especialización en Big Data. Coordinador de Máster en Dirección de Finanzas sostenibles.

P.h.D Carmen Hernando Vivar

Doctor in Business Studies from the University of Alcalá de Henares with outstanding Cum Laude. Is Economic-Financial Director and responsible for Management Control in her business career. She has developed models of Management Control in the company.

Blanca Hernanz Bodero

With a degree in Economics from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, she has a master's degree in e-Business from Instituto de Empresa and a master's degree in Strategic Management and Social Leadership from IESE. She has been director of communication, presidential office and social action at Bankinter. She currently teaches Branding and CSR, corporate reputation and brand management.

Roberto Ballester Fuillerat

Degree in Philosophy and doctorate courses in Ethics and Democracy, Universidad de Valencia. Program for Management Development, and Program in Management for Non-Profit Entities, by ESADE. He was General Manager for 14 years of the ÉTNOR Foundation and leads his own social consulting firm, Felidarity. Expert in business ethics, SRC, and social entrepreneurship.

P.h.D Susana Yáñez Gutiérrez

Doctorate candidate in Ingeniería de Organización, at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM). Industrial Engineering at Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Industriales. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (ETSII-UPM). Master in Sustainability and Social Responsibility at Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia and Universidad Jaume I (UNED - UJI).

P.h.D (c) José Manuel Martín Herrero

Researcher at Faculty of Information Science. Degree in Audiovisual Communication, Master degree in Political and Business Communication, Master degree in Digital Marketing from Aula CM and a Master degree in Creativity and TV Scripts, He has more than 10 years of experience in institutional and business communication management. He is currently Social Media Manager of ILUNION business group.

Dr. Miguel Ángel París Torres

Licenciado y Doctor en Ciencias Físicas (área Ciencia de Materiales) por la Universidad Complutense y Autónoma de Madrid, respectivamente. Cuenta con Executive MBA en Sustainable Global Business por la EOI y Máster en Dirección de Producción y Calidad, por IDE-CESEM. Ha sido investigador en el CSIC y actualmente es Jefe de Gestión de Proyectos & Edificación Sostenible de la Dirección de Innovación Tecnológica de ACCIONA.

P.h.D (c) Celestino González Fernández

PhD(c) in Clinical and Health Psychology, being his specialty Health, Stress and Personality and specifically the Technostress at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Nowadays he combines his research, training and teaching work with psychological therapy to different population groups in their own consultation (CGF Psychology) through Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Third Generation Therapies, including Mindfulness.

P.h.D Alejandro García

Doctor in Neurosciences from the University of Salamanca, Bachelor of Biology and Biochemistry. With more than 10 years of experience in research and innovation projects in the Health sector, he is currently Director of Research and Innovation at ATAM in the development of digital and technological projects. Specialized in Big Data, project management and application of new digital technologies to health prevention and the improvement of the quality of life.

P.h.D Verónica Medaura

PhD in Management of International Organizations from the University of Valencia. She currently researches and collaborates with various institutions in Spain, USA and Latin America in her areas of expertise, particularly in the responsible management of organizations with a global and systemic approach from the sciences of complexity. He also directs the non-profit organization ETHOSYA (USA) and advises on New Economies, Triple Impact Enterprises and Circular Economy.

P.h.D Silvia Egea Bas

PhD in Information Sciences in the Information and Communication Business Management and Direction program from the Complutense University of Madrid. He has a Master's Degree in Digital Marketing and Electronic Commerce from the EAE Business School and a Master's Degree in Corporate Communication and Advertising from the Complutense University of Madrid. Currently, he combines Marketing and Communication Management at Clinical Trainers with his work as a graduate teacher.

P.h.D Juan Manuel Roca Rodríguez

Director of the management consultancy and business schools LeaderactiON, since he combines it with his teaching work. At LeaderactiON he has advised executives, deans, vice deans and directors of business school programs in Spain, Portugal and Latam. He is also a regular speaker at conferences and congresses on leadership and the future of business schools.

P.h.D Emilio Marcos García

Executive with more than twenty years of professional experience in the areas of Organization and Human Resources and CSR of multinational, family, large companies and mainly industrial and consumer goods. Expert in Labor Relations, cultural transformation and organization. People management and recruitment consultant. University professor in various areas related to his professional work.

P.h.D Cristóbal Taúler

Degree in Business Administration and Management and PhDmy in Information Sciences. Specialized training in Human Resources, Regulatory Compliance, Labor Relations (Centro de Estudios Garrigues). Professional with 20 years of experience in the performance of managerial functions and in the training and development of people. Certified trainer by Adecco Training and speaker at Speakers Acade.

Miguel Ángel Herrero Alvite

Degree in Mathematics from the UAM, Executive Master in Quantitative Finance from the School of Applied Finance and Master in Telecommunications Management and Communication Technologies from the School of Industrial Organization. He has worked since 1998 at the CNMV where he is responsible for the authorization and supervision activities of the EMIR obligations.

P.h.D. (c) Manuel Roque Muñoz

P.h.D in Economics and Business and MBA from IE Business School with 20 years of multi-sector experience in senior management positions; financial management; business development, consulting and business advisory, with a deep knowledge of the business fabric, the entrepreneurial ecosystem and innovation. Director of the Digital Transformation Office of Castilla-La Mancha.

P.h.D Álvaro Hernán Montoya Ramírez

Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences and is specialized in Environmental and Natural Resource Management. In addition, his professional career is focused on climate change, knowledge management, corporate social responsibility and the third sector, both from consulting, as well as in public administration, university teaching and research, and international development cooperation .

Jaisiel Madrid Sánchez

Inventor of BUSINESSALL® business tools, developing numerous activities aimed at promoting entrepreneurship and social innovation processes. He works as a consultant and advisor in various R + D + i projects, companies and non-profit organizations of a national and international nature. Currently, he is also the owner of the start-up NowsOn.

P.h.D Georgina Marcelino Mercedes

PhD in Advertising and Public Relations, specialized in Social Media. Degree and Master in Advertising with focus on Creativity and Management. She has also more than 10 years of professional experience in strategic Advertising, Creativity, Brand Content and Marketing. Currently, she is an independent consultant and a speaker in creativity, communication and digital innovation events.

P.h.D Tomás Arévalo Fernández

PhD in Chemical Sciences (Esp. Chemical Engineering) from the Complutense University of Madrid. Cum Laude. With more than 20 years of experience as Head of Waste Management and Risk Management, he currently holds the position of Head of Integrated Risk Management Unit Safety, Health and Environment: Dominican TRAINS II Consortium Project. Ingeotrans Integral Transport Solutions S.L.

P.h.D Erika López-Quesada Martín

PhD Cum Laude in Finance and Accounting, Complutense, University of Madrid. Professor on several business schools and universities. Financial and Accounting Positions at Git-Commerce, Monte Regio, Micrososft, WPP Group, SSA Global Technologies or ING Nationale Nederlanden. Research Papers & Books PhD´s, Papers & Final Projects supervision,Conference Presentations.

P.h.D Máximo Santos Miranda

As a BA in Economics and a BA in Law and a Ph.D. in Applied Economics, he has developed his professional career in the financial world, first in banking and later in Treasury Management in companies such as the Cemex group. Later he was responsible for the treasury of the photovoltaic company Solaria. Finally, head of the treasury of the Sesé logistics group and of the Start-up specialized in Travelperk business trips.

Ph.D Juan Casado

More than 20 years of experience in innovation, holding public and private positions as R&D&I Director. Mixed training in science and business administration. PhD in Science, complemented with training in Business Administration. Associate Professor at the Carlos III University of Madrid, Professor at the Francisco de Vitoria University and honorary collaborator at the University of Alicante.

P.hD (c) Mónica Vásquez Del Solar

Doctor in Business Administration from Harvard Business School, MBA from IESE Business School and a Bachelor of Arts (Political Science and International Studies) and Bachelor of Commerce (Economics) from the University of Melbourne, his current research focuses on the psychology of pricing decisions, and has been published in leading marketing journals.

PhD. Luis Torres Acebrón

Ph.D. in Communication. Degree in Public Relations and Sociology and Master in Business Management. He directs projects as a consultant in Marketing and Business Communication, working for national and international corporations. He is an academic advisor in the design and programming of new academic programs.

P.hD (c) Paz López González

More than 20 years of experience in innovation, holding public and private positions as R&D&I Director. Mixed training in science and business administration. PhD in Science, complemented with training in Business Administration. Her current research focuses on the transfer of research results as a driving force for economic and social development.

P.h.D Helena López-Casares Pertusa

Doctor in Business Administration from Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, with honors. She is expert in neurocience in organizations, Neuromanagement, consciousness, leadership, and psicolgy of the emotions. She has professional experience in corporative communication, branding and marketing areas. Academic Coordinator of the Marketing CMI Master's Degree.

P.h.D José Manuel de Haro García

Doctor in Psychology with honors by University of Alicante. Psychologist in the field of work and organizations with more than thirty years of professional experience, both for private and public companies, and human resources consulting. He is lecturer and investigator at universities and business schools. ANECA Public and Private University lecturer certifications. Academic.

P.h.D. Pablo Ruiz Palomino

Ph.D. in Entrepreneurship, SME Management and Family Business . Awarded 1st Prize in the 2010 (IV) Edition of FORETICA-MSD for Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility Research. Collaborator at CMI. He is specialized at Strategy Management, Sustainable Strategy Management, Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility, Business Ethics and High-Commitment HR Practices.

P.h.D Ramón Fisac García

PhD in Management Engineering and MSc in Industrial Engineering, he also has a Master in Gastronomic Tourism from the Basque Culinary Center. His research focuses on the creation and development of entrepreneurial initiatives both lucrative and social orientation, Corporate sustainability and Leadership and sustainable Tourism.

Ricardo Costa Climent

Doctor Cum Laude in Economics and Business Management from the Catholic University of Valencia San Vicente Mártir. In 2015. Title of the Thesis: Financial Crisis and Latent Economic Imbalances: The Case of the Spanish Economy. Accredited by ANECA: Doctor and professor of private university Undergraduate Diploma in Business Studies, 1993 Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business, 1995 Bachelor’s Degree in Law, 2011 Researcher at Uppsala University, Sweden

Ana Isabel Dominguez

Interesado en Medios de Comunicación desde la sociología, RSC y Sostenibilidad Ambiental. Licenciada en Estudios Internacionales en Comunicación y Máster en Estudios Globales con estudios de Doctorado en Relaciones Internacionales. Actualmente, profesora y tutora de inglés y Coordinadora Académica en la Universidad de Alcalá. Experiencia profesional en Naciones Unidas en Nueva York, Ginebra y Santiago.