CMI Business School Recognized with EFR Distinctive

To start 2023, CMI Business School has been awarded the Certification of Family-Responsible Companies (EFR) distinction, awarded by the MásFamilia Foundation; A recognition of the responsible family strategy and practices, which ratifies our commitment to conciliatory and sustainable work environments. 

This recognition certifies us within the category of EFR as a Committed Company C, reflecting the commitment to reconciliation under the EFR 1000-5 standard.

On the part of the management team of the organization we comply with current legislation and a catalog of reconciliation measures has been designed, which our collaborators enjoy for being part of our organization, additionally we have an EFR manager who is responsible for the effective management of the EFR model in the organization. 

Some of the benefits of reconciliation in our organization are:

1. Quality in employment

2. Temporal and spatial flexibility

3. Supporting employees’ families

4. Personal and professional development

5. Equal opportunities 

Responsible companies that reconcile personal, family and work life tend to create a closer bond with their employees, supporting equal opportunities and a favorable environment that increases commitment to the members of the organization and to society.