In the course “Effective communication strategies for SMEs” you will learn how to create a communication plan, how to develop all the digital and offline communication tools and channels that can be applied in an SME or business; and you will learn the keys to turn a fact into news and get a media outlet interested in your company. 

In this CMI course, you will develop skills in an intensive way. All contents are based on the latest trends and have been developed by Dr. Silvia Egea, CMI Business School research professor, and expert in Responsible Communication.

It will address the importance of information flows and their implication in the management of companies, understanding that by managing communication in a successful way, they will achieve excellence. The key is to understand how to reach the media, how to “convince” the journalist to publish the content, for this, we must be experts in the construction of interesting content.

“Effective Communication Strategies for SMEs” emphasizes the experience and overall development of the student. To this end, it implements a specialized methodology and a study plan made up of four theoretical modules, a case method, and comprehensive self-assessment with personalized tutoring and continuous feedback from the teacher. 

The course is aimed at people with management positions in companies, ONGs, members of public administrations, professionals, entrepreneurs, students, and in general, those who want to acquire and develop knowledge about sustainable finance to promote a positive impact on society and nature.
  • Understand how a SME should communicate
  • Learn to develop a communication plan
  • Acquire tools to communicate successfully
  • Learn new techniques to get published by the media
The course has a duration of approximately 10 hours, which includes a theoretical part, a practical case study, and an evaluation test.
CMI courses feature specialized and advanced methodology that uses an adequate experiential combination of theory, practice, and case-based method. Providing training in decision-making, and monitoring the performance and development of students, through personalized tutoring and continuous performance reviews.
120 euros The price includes all course materials and an accreditation diploma.

Dr. Cristóbal Taúler

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