The “Agents of global change: tri-sectoral leaders” course, addresses the new challenges faced by companies and organizations, which go beyond the corporate world and affect all agents of society. To this end, the role of tri-sectoral leaders, those capable of engaging and collaborating in the business, governmental and social sectors, is addressed. 

In this CMI course, you will develop skills in an intensive way. All contents are based on the latest trends and have been developed by Dr. Juan Manuel Roca Rodríguez, a research professor at CMI Business School, expert advisor in management of organizations and business schools, an international lecturer on communication and leadership.

“Agents of global change: tri-sectorial leaders” emphasizes the student’s global experience and development. To this end, it implements a specialized methodology, and a curriculum comprising four theoretical modules, a case method, and comprehensive self-assessment with personalized tutoring and continuous feedback from the professor 

The course is aimed at people with management positions in companies, ONGs, members of public administrations, professionals, entrepreneurs, students, and in general, those who want to acquire and develop knowledge about sustainable finance to promote a positive impact on society and nature.
To understand the importance of leaders to move naturally across the three sectors (private, public and the third sector) and be able to create bridges, build alliances and build a shared voice for the three sectors to address the great challenges of the planet.
The course has a duration of approximately 8 hours, which includes a theoretical part, a practical case study, and an evaluation test.
CMI courses feature specialized and advanced methodology that uses an adequate experiential combination of theory, practice, and case-based method. Providing training in decision-making, and monitoring the performance and development of students, through personalized tutoring and continuous performance reviews.

95 euros

The price includes all course materials and an accreditation diploma.

Juan Manuel Roca Rodríguez

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