The “Best practices for a healthy organization” course, provides the tools to build an organizational culture, climate, and set of practices that create an environment for the promotion of mental and physical health, which in turn boosts productivity and organizational effectiveness. Learn how to implement workplace wellness best practices and promote healthier organizations. 

With this CMI course, you will develop skills in an intensive way. All contents are based on the latest trends and have been developed by Ph.D. student Celestino González Fernández, a research professor at CMI Business School, an expert in Clinical and Health Psychology, Technostress and Personality.

“Good practices for a healthy organization” emphasize the experience and the global development of the student. To do so, it implements a specialized methodology and a study plan made up of four theoretical modules, a case method, and self-evaluation with personalized tutoring and continuous feedback from the professor.

The course is oriented to people with management positions in companies, NGOs, members of public administrations, professionals, entrepreneurs, students and, in general, to anyone who wants to evolve in team management and develop their talents and potential to manage people with a positive impact on society and nature.

  • To learn what Healthy Organizations mean, the advantages and key aspects of them.
  • Learn to plan, develop, and evaluate a healthy organization.
  • Know proposals, actions, and good practices in a Healthy Organization.
  • Reflect on the implementation of a healthy organization in our society from an ethical and responsible perspective.
  • Improve the health, well-being, safety, and quality of life of employees and managers.
  • Reduce casualties and physical and psychological illnesses in a sustained and stable manner.
  • Make the organization more productive: by reducing absenteeism / reducing presenteeism/building people’s resilience.
  • Promote corporate social responsibility by transmitting an image of a company committed to people and society.
  • Generate a more satisfactory work environment: promoting motivation / increasing the sense of belonging/helping to retain talent / improving the work environment.
  • Give a quick, effective, and concrete solution to cases of absenteeism, sick leave, employee abandonment, etc.

The course has a duration of approximately 8 hours, which includes a theoretical part, a practical case study , and an evaluation test.

CMI courses feature specialized and advanced methodology that uses an adequate experiential combination of theory, practice, and case-based method. Providing training in decision-making, and monitoring the performance and development of students, through personalized tutoring and continuous performance reviews.

95 euros

The price includes all course materials and an accreditation diploma.

Dr. Celestino González Fernández

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