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we work every day
to make
a better world.

In order to achieve a higher positive impact in both society and nature, we have created the Universal Foundation, an agency dedicated to serving communities at risk of social exclusion in order to help them in their personal development. This will be achieved thanks to all donors, the people that form part of CMI, and all those who collaborate by acquiring CMI products and services.

With the Universal Foundation, CMI also establishes a green and sustainable platform focused on caring for underprivileged people, groups, and natural environments. Universal Foundation aid will be offered irrespective of geographical location or origin, through the support of their evolution and capacities improvement in order to contribute to and inspire their maximum development, striving to promote research, development, and innovation at all levels.

Universal Foundation activities will serve to improve society and the environment, also taking advantage of the CMI research, development, and innovations.

Missions of the Universal Foundation

At the beginning the Universal Foundation will be devoted to the following lines of action:

Maximize inclusion in CMI

The objective is to facilitate the incorporation of heterogeneous personnel and students, truly representative of contemporary society. Examples:

To make the CMI Business School the most inclusive possible, namely by extending to the Business School Programs the existing means to render services to groups of different capacities.

To improve the digital media inclusivity in the Web, Apps, etc.

To build, with the necessary, specialized instruments and pedagogy, the means to allow people with different physical and mental features to develop their talents, given that, for CMI, their profiles are considered to be of full equality.

To provide financial support to CMI students.

The Universal Foundation will offer grants and financial programs for students who need it.

To perform environmental and social awareness-raising campaigns.

Educational talks to groups at risk of social exclusion about endangered environments and diffusion through social networks, etc.


The Universal Foundation aims to be a referential and exemplary non-profit organization in the education sector, with global impact, representing with its actions brotherhood, solidarity, and union of all peoples.

Projects Publications

All the Universal Foundation Projects will be announced in detail in the News section of CMI.

Governance Body

CMI manages the Universal Foundation by virtue of the values of the institute, administrating it in accordance with its research into foundations and the highest standards of control and transparency.


Coming soon:

Articles of Association (refer to CMI Articles of Association)

Code of Conduct (refer to CMI Declaration of Integrity)

Strategic Five-year Plan

2019 Action Plan

2019 Annual Report

2019 Annual Accounts

Donations to make it happen

To participate in these high goals, CMI will be deeply thankful to any member of society who contributes to help us achieve our aims.

You can donate by the following means:

Purchasing Universal Foundation solidarity products at the CMI Online Shop (coming soon).

Bank transfer, indicating in the concept section, “Donation”. The Universal Foundation welcomes communications concerning your donations by email, at

Santander Bank Account Number: 0049 3238 19 2114182213.