In the “Finance in a sustainable growth environment” course, you will learn how to manage finance with a focus on two main factors: the environment and society. You will analyze and learn how to manage responsible investment options: from traditional asset management products to SRI funds, pension plans, and green and social bonds. 

In this CMI course, you will develop skills in an intensive way. All contents are based on the latest trends and have been developed by Dr. Daniel Caridad, CMI Business School research professor and expert in the area of Sustainable Finance.

Sustainable finance is here to stay. In 2015, two international milestones occurred that have set the tone for all subsequent developments in sustainable finance: the 2030 Agenda and the Paris Agreement, which, although they resulted from separate negotiations, coincide in identifying the demand for the future. Since then, there has been an unprecedented cultural shift in the inclusion of sustainable finance in both the financial system and economic growth models.

Acquire new knowledge, skills, and competencies to enter and manage finance in new markets with sustainable growth. 

The course is aimed at people with management positions in companies, ONGs, members of public administrations, professionals, entrepreneurs, students, and in general, those who want to acquire and develop knowledge about sustainable finance to promote a positive impact on society and nature.
To know about finances in an environment of sustainable growth, along with the main financing products and socially responsible investment.
The course has a duration of approximately 8 hours, which includes a theoretical part, a practical case study, and an evaluation test.
CMI courses feature specialized and advanced methodology that uses an adequate experiential combination of theory, practice, and case-based method. Providing training in decision-making, and monitoring the performance and development of students, through personalized tutoring and continuous performance reviews.

95 euros

The price includes all course materials and an accreditation diploma.

Dr. Daniel Caridad López del Río

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