Responsible Leadership: the key to manage successfully

liderazgo responsable

Nowadays, in the field of corporate social responsibility (CSR) implementation, we find the problem that many companies use CSR only to improve their image with the purpose of increasing their sales, instrumentalizing CSR from an exclusively profit-oriented leadership.

For instance, consumers are affected by misleading business practices in which the image of products and services is white-washed so as to suggest they are green or ecological, without the company assuming the true responsibility of CSR and all that it entails.

Also, given the consciousness evolution that is taking place in society, when the problem of the absence of CSR or its instrumentalization is detected, for example, by a customer, it can be counterproductive for those companies by turning the customer against them, as customers are more and more demanding of the responsible performance of corporations.

This problem is fundamental and of great scope since society does not reap the benefits of the potentially positive impacts that corporations can produce on the people and environments affected by their operations, rather the contrary, it can damage them.

To contribute to the resolution of this problem, new and growing conceptual and enterprising systems have emerged that promote the establishment and adoption of conscious industrial organizations and business, which we will refer to as Conscious Organizations, centered on corporative development based on ethical values that achieve a positive impact both at the social and environmental level, while at the same time producing substantial economic benefits.

Among all the CSR drivers, the most influential factor is found in the individual characteristics of the leaders who determine their own type of responsibility, from which their management style and CSR approach is derived.

Therefore, to establish and boost responsibility in the company, it will be fundamental that its leaders are conscious, i.e. they have integrity and a strong sense of responsibility.

To address the solution to the problem of the absence or the instrumentalization of CSR by the leaders in organizations, CMI offers educational programs based on values that awaken the greatest degree of responsibility and evolution in people, providing the opportunity to transform ourselves in a transcendental manner and with it, to perform the maximum positive impact on our environment.

CMI offers its on-site courses:

-International Responsible Negotiation

-Human Management: the Evolution in Human Resources

-Conscious Leadership and Managerial Skills

-Guidance for Professional Career Development

-Conscious Entrepreneurship: creation of responsible business and organizations

-Conscious Organization: the Evolution of Corporate Social Responsibility


And its unique Responsible MBA programs, in modalities on-site and blended:

-Responsible MBA, On-site Full Time, Monday to Thursday

-Responsible MBA, On-site Part time, Weekly

-Responsible MBA, Blended, Biweekly

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