The evolution of the Corporate Social Responsibility

Responsabilidad social

The evolution in business management and administration is an achievement that comes along with the responsibility of their leaders and all people collaborating in the activities of the organization. Society is taking definitive steps towards a model of coexistence where companies are required to act considering their impact at all levels, and not only with the strict compliance with the law.

The success of corporate social responsibility emanates from the spirit of excellence that it entails, which is the same source where our natural aspiration of self-overcoming and improvement is born.

Thus, every organization is largely a reflection of the degree of evolution of its leaders. When corporate success is measured only by economic growth, values and virtues can have a relative importance subordinated to that objective. However, when success is evaluated in accordance with the global impact on the operational environment, people’s values and virtues take center stage as enablers of the best results during all the processes in the organization’s lifecycles.

This level of excellence is desired at all levels of society: governments, employees, suppliers, customers, etc. in general, by all living beings and environments that are affected.

When it comes to incorporating corporate social responsibility, mere legal compliance or getting a seal that responsible activities are being carried out is not enough. It is also necessary to share this evolutionary process, which entails a level of individual conscience that allows one to acquire the adequate knowledge to assure the prize of constant evolution and improvement in the long term. CMI aims to act as a means to achieve these high goals, illuminating the path for a new kind of behavior based on the values that have made the great achievements of mankind possible.

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