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Find out about our master’s degrees that will begin in October 2020. And, given the situation that the whole world is going through due to the Covid-19 pandemic, these courses will have a 10% discount on their pre-registration fee. This is an exclusive bonus for those who complete their registration payment before June 15.

At CMI Business School we are proud to present the Master’s program that will be offered in October 2020. The registration period is now open. These programs represent our philosophy and values, which are also those that society is requesting from leaders. These are the changing actors that the planet now needs, with a focus on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), entrepreneurship and innovation.


The training programs are:

Master in Sustainable Finance Management

Responsible MBA

Master in CSR and Sustainability 

Master in Responsible Marketing and International Trade Management

Master in Human Management and Organizational Development 

All the programs are offered in a weekly, bi-weekly and online modalities, in order to adapt to the different necessities of our students.  They are taught in Spanish and have a high level of educational excellency.


Admission Process

Applicants interested in enrolling in one of these studies should send their curriculum vitae, university degree (or certificate of completion) and transcript of records by e-mail to

In addition, anyone wishing to apply for any of the scholarships offered by the Universal Foundation must include a letter of motivation expressing their interest in accessing such training, and send all documentation also to

The candidates will be selected by the Admission Committee composed of the Board of Directors of CMI and the selected programme.

The outcome of the admission process will be communicated to the candidate by email. If you are admitted, you will have to deposit 770 euros as a registration fee for the official reservation of your spot. The registration process can be carried out throughout the year, although it is subject to the availability of vacancies.

Our business school was awarded for its contribution to CSR during an event that was attended by more than 700 participants and brought together 35 companies, varying from multinationals to SMEs, public organizations and experts, at the Endesa corporate headquarters.

On Wednesday, February 26, the 15th edition of the Corresponsables Yearbook was held, where CMI Business School received recognition for its great work in training leaders with a focus on CSR, a key and transversal aspect that characterizes all its programs.

Rafael García and Nilsa Mármol, CMI directors, received the award from Marcos González, President and editor of Correspondents, its foundation and the Observatory for Responsible Communication (ObservaRSE).

Find out about the Master programmes and courses for which CMI was recognised by directors of companies such as Paradores, Carrefour, Enaire, Seur, Carburos Metálicos, EDP, Endesa, Lilly, Novartis, among others, here.


Session development


The event was meant to debate about the” Alliances and dialogue with interest groups. Lessons learned and future challenges”, based on various reflections from business leaders. Sponsored by Endesa and the Ministry of Labour, Migrations and Social Security, the Madrid Corresponsables’ Day included the first public intervention by the Government’s new General Director for CSR, Maravillas Espín.


“The reactivation of the State Council for Corporate Social Responsibility (CERSE) to promote the Agenda for 2030 is a unique opportunity to fight for human rights from an equity and equality perspective (…) The government is committed to defining public policies that revitalise corporate CSR”, highlighted Espín during the opening of the event.


After the presentations and analysis on the current situation of CSR, which have been a trending topic reaching a record of 13.4 million people and more than 1,900 interactions, two monographic workshops promoted by ObservaRSE were held: “The keys to putting alliances into practice” and “Alliances for inclusion and labour diversity”.


Although the Madrid edition was first, the activity will also take place in Barcelona, Burgos, Seville, Murcia, A Coruña, Palma de Gran Canaria and Tenerife during 2020.

“We seek that, through the business experience our students receive, they contribute to the development of a sustainable and responsible management approach, helping companies to make a positive impact on society,” explained Natalia Di Piazza Umbides, head of the Institutional Development Area at CMI Business School.


It is extremely important for CMI Business School to ensure that our students can integrate into the job market, and that is why we are constantly working to sign new collaboration agreements for internships in companies and organizations.

“The main thing about these agreements is for them to provide a learning experience for students within a real work environment, so they can identify the real needs, challenges and opportunities of the sectors of their interest”, concluded Di Piazza Umbides.


These agreements were signed with:

Mutua Madrileña, the leading company in general insurance, asset management and real estate in the spanish market.



Acción contra el Hambre, is an NGO founded in Spain by a group of french doctors, scientists, and writers with the mission of saving lives by eliminating hunger through the prevention, detection, and treatment of malnutrition. The Nobel Prize winner and physicist Alfred Kastler, was the first president of the organization



Fundación Entreculturas, is a non-profit organization of cooperation for the development, promoted by Compañía de Jesús, which promotes the education and development of communities under the conviction that education is a fundamental human right from which no individual can be excluded.


Auren, is a professional services company for audits, consulting and legal counseling. They have been working for a long time with the purpose of creating value and contributing to the sustainable development of society, organizations and individuals.


Members of our school interested in gaining professional experience through internships can send an email to

The admissions staff gave me all the necessary information to be able to do the arrangements for my transfer, they gave me attention at all times regardless of the 7 hours of time difference,” said the student from Mexico. 

student of the Master in Human Management and Organizational Development told about her CMI Business School experience, in this video where she highlighted the reception process she received from the school staff.   

Bárbara Salas has a degree in Public Relations at the Institute of Graphic Communication of the North of Saltillo, Coahuila de Zaragoza. It is part of the first course that proposed in Europe an overcoming vision of what some schools continue to call, Human Resources.   

She told about her experience in CMI Business School. Regarding her incorporation to the schoolshe pointed out that the human factor has been a key element for his decision since -as she explains– her transfer meant a great deal of administrative management.   

Salas also highlighted the CSR perspective that runs through the program and the important teaching staff that teaches it. “They are all researchers and have great professional experience and that isperceive, ” she said.   

An important factor was also the system of scholarships they provideThere are many and varied recognizing our professional careerwhere we came fromour academic record,” he commented off camera indicating that this “especially helps students to come to study we moved from country, with what all this impliesto find a new home, workamong other things, ” she declared.   

From our foundation, at CMI Business School we promote the universality of knowledge, and with it the generation of equal opportunities for our students. That is why we work daily to support these scholarships and funding aids that facilitate access to these studies, without affecting the quality and excellence of our training programs. 

Toti Könöllä has a PhD in Technological Sciences and a Master in Environmental Economics from the Technological University of Helsinki, Finland and an international advisor to OECD countries as an expert in innovation, entrepreneurship, digitalization and sustainability. At CMI Business School he works as a professor and academic coordinator of the Master MBA Responsible, a training program of excellence.

“You have to look at all this of responsibility as a cross-sectional way of the entire organization,” says Könöllä in this video produced by the CMI communication team. And he adds: “Many times responsibility is treated in areas of marketing or environmental management and is, in that sense, as a domain of someone in the company (…) The responsibility belongs to everyone, not just a specific function in the company.”

We share here the video of the report to Rafael García by Nieves Ortiz in “Buenos Días Madrid”. The founder of CMI Business School analyzes the importance of including CSR in business practices, regardless of their size, in the context of the latest effects of climate change.

From CMI we are happy to inform our academic community that this new year we are welcoming to more companies that are committed to good practices in CSR.

The goal is to expand our networks and keep working with strong commitment on the development of responsible management of companies and organizations.

We strongly appreciate the trust and reliance that MAPFRE, Metro de Madrid, Mcdonalds España and Bizneo placed in us.

Executive managers, professors and students from Conscious Management Institute (CMI), took part in the twenty-fifth Conference of Parties (COP) of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) that took place last month at the IFEMA Feria de Madrid.

Among the teachers that participated, PhD Ana Rodríguez, main responsible of the subject “Environmental Management and Conservation”, shared her conclusions about the event: “These kind of events are important, but they can’t only be a simple statement of intentions (…) what we need to do is to take action, we don’t have time to keep doing research because we have certainty of what’s going on (…) we must acknowledge and define what we need to do”.

For his part, PhD Ramón Fisac, Professor of Leadership and Entrepreneurship at our business school, explained the importance of companies participating in these forums and discussing and including CSR in their practices.

“The private sector in general, is a very important actor when it comes to changing the way society works, so CSR actions are discussed in these spaces (…) where ideas are exported and imported, is the first step to establish sustainability within the company, ” said Fisac.

After the event, which took place from December 2nd to December 13th, 114 countries have pledged to present an improved climate action plan this year.

In the next month of February, in addition to the second edition of the Master Responsible MBA which will be taught in online mode, a new master’s degree from CMI begins, its Master program in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability. As a research institute in CSR, CMI Business School offers the latest advances in this field that is transforming organizations towards new management models for a conscious growth of business activities with a positive impact on society and nature. This nine-month program will provide in a comprehensive manner the state of the art knowledge and professional skills for an effective and efficient leadership and management of CSR and Sustainability in organizations, with the guarantee of excellence CMI Business School.

CMI grants through its Universal Foundation Scholarships for the Responsible MBA Programs in its 3 modalities.

Scholarships cover 50% of the price of each program and are aimed at students with excellent academic records.

A part of these scholarships are available for people coming from developing countries, or with disabilities, with the aim of promoting equal opportunities in different groups.

Applications must be sent to the Universal Foundation Scholarship Area by email to including:

  • CV.
  • Graduate degree.
  • Academic record.
  • Letter of Motivation of Scholarship Application.
  • Free writing of maximum 300 words on the topic “What does Responsible Leadership mean to you?”.

Application deadline for the 2018-2019 academic year: September 15, 2018.