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In the next month of February, in addition to the second edition of the Master Responsible MBA which will be taught in online mode, a new master’s degree from CMI begins, its Master program in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability. As a research institute in CSR, CMI Business School offers the latest advances in this field that is transforming organizations towards new management models for a conscious growth of business activities with a positive impact on society and nature. This nine-month program will provide in a comprehensive manner the state of the art knowledge and professional skills for an effective and efficient leadership and management of CSR and Sustainability in organizations, with the guarantee of excellence CMI Business School.

CMI grants through its Universal Foundation Scholarships for the Responsible MBA Programs in its 3 modalities.

Scholarships cover 50% of the price of each program and are aimed at students with excellent academic records.

A part of these scholarships are available for people coming from developing countries, or with disabilities, with the aim of promoting equal opportunities in different groups.

Applications must be sent to the Universal Foundation Scholarship Area by email to including:

  • CV.
  • Graduate degree.
  • Academic record.
  • Letter of Motivation of Scholarship Application.
  • Free writing of maximum 300 words on the topic “What does Responsible Leadership mean to you?”.

Application deadline for the 2018-2019 academic year: September 15, 2018.

On Saturday April 14, 2018, in the program Emprende Madrid on Radio Onda Madrid, the founders of CMI Business School, Rafael García and Nilsa Mármol, were interviewed and spoke about CMI, its philosophy and the latest trends in the postgraduate sector in Spain. Of all the programming on that day on Onda Madrid, Emprende Madrid, directed by Chema Nieto, was the audience leader. The full interview can be seen in the following video, also published on the CMI Social Networks.




Last March, CMI Business School was present during Education Week at the Feria de Madrid (IFEMA), the most important event of our sector in Spain.

During the three days of the fair, we received more than 300 people interested in our programs and Masters, as well as professionals from the training area who were aware of our vacancies in teaching staff.

As part of our promotion and as an initiative for sustainability and environmental improvement, we gave away biodegradable pens and 120 trees to contribute to a greener and cleaner environment in Madrid.

We also received visits from various press and television media interested in knowing and spreading our work in society. We invite you to watch a report on Channel 8 about CMI Business School.


CMI starts its activities in 2018, providing training courses. The first courses available, starting in February, are International Responsible Negotiation and Conscious Leadership and Managerial Skills, cornerstones for all managers.

The tuition process is already open for all CMI courses, which are addressed to people and organizations interested in the most recent, scientifically sound processes and the fruit of CMI research, a pioneer institute of research, development, and innovation in the field of responsible management and administration of businesses and organizations.

Learn in few hours the essence of the fundamental areas of executive development as well as personal and team leadership to drive organizations to their highest potential.

Learn to manage consciously and overcome with integrity and success all the tests we face every day.

When registering for a course, you can be part of an exclusive club of former students, and you will be able to enjoy discounts for other courses and benefit from all the advantages of studying at CMI.

Get detailed information on the Courses section of the website, and take a definitive step forward. We guarantee your satisfaction.